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How and where we choose to begin our stories reflect a lot about what we believe.  They also shape how the story will go.  

Our specific beginning here at Virginia Beach Christian Church (DoC) begins in the 1960's with the Spirit stirring a people of faith to gather in worship in this community along with what we now call the region of Virginia's purchase of land in the newly formed city of Virginia Beach.

The growth in population coincided with a growth in faith and eventually a congregation was born.  We became (and continue to become) the church that love is building.

This first period is closely connected to the work of the first called pastor, Dr. Bill Austin.

Bill would be with us as minister for 37 years and during this time the church went through three phases of construction and saw the creation of a second worship service.

Not all is easy in the life of church and there were tensions.  We are grateful that Dr. Austin was able to help us harness the energy of those days to be part of the Risen Christ's ministry in God's Realm Come Near.

In July of 2018 we called our third minister as this Spirit filled body of Christ of faith continues to gather for worship and be active in the broader community.

It is a continuation of what has been since the beginning and another new 'in the beginning' moment as a people of faith who faithfully gather to serve the Living God.

Dr. William E. Austin

Dr. "Bill" Austin was the first full-time pastor of Virginia Beach Christian Church.  He shepherded the young congregation through the building of two sanctuaries and many outreach projects.  Under his leadership, VBCC(DoC) became "The Church that Love is Building." He retired from active ministry in 2006 after serving for 37 years and was given the honorary title of Pastor Emeritus.  An academic scholarship is given in his name to deserving youth.

He continues to live in the community to this day.

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