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Virginia Beach Christian Church (DoC) has been a congregation of faith that 'Love is Building' here along the Great Neck corridor for over 50 years now; but we are asking ourselves how we are called to be church TODAY.

If you are moved to visit for worship, fellowship, prayer, or just out of curiosity, here are some things to know:


1) We have a single worship service on Sundays at 10am and it could be considered 'traditional/blended' for this area.  There are special services throughout the year.  Currently, there are no COVID restrictions in place.

2) We celebrate open communion every week.  This is central to our understanding as Disciples of Christ and all are welcome to partake as they feel the Spirit lead.

3) As a congregationally organized and led body, we emphasize lay leadership from all parts of the spectrum.

4) Like many Disciples Churches we embrace a variety of understandings, thoughts, and ways of being.  This even includes dress.  Come as you are. 


Worship is not about doing the right thing in the right place at the right time as much as it is about being present for and to God.  Together we are the body of Christ that is doing the work of the Realm Come Near.

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