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The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is an American protestant movement that is part of the global Restoration Movement.   Early in the movement's history our leaders had the idea that all Christians shared unifying beliefs sufficient to worship and join together.  They established independent and autonomous congregations along the American frontier with simple and unifying names such as Christian Church, Church of Christ, Disciples of Christ and others.


Although loose-knit, the bonds of covenant led many of these churches to supported a singular missionary society.  This central organization formally became the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) denomination in 1968.  With the creation of a General Church came the formal recognition of Regional Churches, like the Christian Church (DoC) in Virginia, which is broken into various districts.  Outside observers have called us a “Reformed North American Mainstream Moderate Denomination.” 


You may not find two Disciples churches alike.  Although united in critical principles, we remain independent in practice and thought.  One of the important principles is the priesthood of all believers, meaning that individuals are free to interpret the Bible themselves.  They also have the responsibility of Biblical engagement.  Among our members you can find a wide range of opinions varying from conservative to liberal, from traditional to contemporary—but with universal acceptance of all persons as children of God.


Our Guiding Principles are:

      1) Christian Unity

      2) Centrality of Scripture

      3) Community Centered Missions

      4) Being a Movement for Wholeness in a Fragmented World



From its early days of attempting to emulate the first century church, Disciples have baptized by total immersion.  Being inclusive, however, we accept any form of this practice according to personal or family desire.  Traditionally this is done at an age of accountability after some indoctrination.





The Christian Church (DoC), through Virginia Beach Christian Church, welcomes to membership anyone calling themselves Christian.  Our By-Laws define four ways of becoming a member:


  1. Those who are now members.

  2. Those who unite with it by confession of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, giving expression to their faith through baptism and/or personal commitment to Him.

  3. Those who unite by transfer of membership from another church.

  4. Those who regularly attend, call themselves Christian and make known to the senior minister or his/her designee that they wish to be part of the Congregation as their covenant with other members.

Those who become a member of this congregation may remain a member of another congregation outside of the local area.  Any member of any category (e.g. participating, inactive or nonresident) may vote at a congregational meeting if present.


For information about our church, please call the office at (757) 481-3494.

For more information about our denomination, please visit online

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