The Spiritual Roundtable

The Spiritual Roundtable, which has been meeting in the church library on Sunday mornings for more than 20 years, is an open group of people seeking to enrich their spiritual lives through reading, discussing, and applying principles from an eclectic selection of books that present pathways to spiritual growth.  It is a community of love and prayer. Participants bring a variety of beliefs, understandings, and backgrounds to the Roundtable, where diverse views are respected, and everyone is free to challenge ideas presented. 


Over the years, the group has selected books drawn from a variety of Christian perspectives as well as from numerous other spiritual traditions.  Along the way, Roundtable members learn from one another, grow in understanding of their faith, and learn more about ideas and beliefs they might not have been exposed to before. The discussions are interesting, lively, and inspiring! Visitors are always welcome.

The 14-16 Class (named for where it meets Sunday mornings) covers a variety of topics and subjects depending on current leadership.  

Here are links to the online lessons for our study: Jesus Sutras

Week 1 

Week 2 (Materials)

Week 3 (Materials)

Week 4 (Materials)

Week 5 (Materials)

Week 6 (Materials)

Week 7 (Materials)

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Education and Worship are cornerstones to Faith and Formation.  Below is a link to a document concerning the Christian Church (DoC) in Virginia's School of Ministry (VSM) and one for the online registration portal to the VSM which offers courses of interest in the life of the church that taught by local leaders.

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