Welcome Rev. David S. Kays

Rev. David Kays was installed as minister of Virginia Beach

Christian Church on July 1, 2018. He and his family have moved from Eastern North Carolina to share this journey of faith with us.

Rev. Kays is no stranger to the Tidewater area.  His undergraduate work was at Hiram College where he graduated with a B.A. in history.  He then joined a master’s program at Old Dominion University graduating with a M.A. in history.  In 2002 he began a program at the Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis where Rev. Kays received his Masters of Divinity.

Growing up in the Methodist Church, Rev. Kays found in church a loving and caring extended family. With his love for learning, he feels his place as a part of the community is as an educator, facilitator and leader.

When asked to describe some of his gifts, skills and special interests in the ministry, Rev. Kays answered: “I am an educator. I am a student. I am thrilled by learning, and love the process of learning with others. I am a story keeper, a historian. I enjoy listening to the stories of others as well as sharing them with others. I see our lives in connection with the broader history of creation.  Specifically, the church’s history is an extension of that which we find in Scripture, and needs to be told and understood in that light. I am a calm presence that is growing into more and more of an authority every day. I am fairly involved in camp ministry.  I have an interest in stronger relationships with the Regional and General manifestations of church, and a fascination with interpretive engagement with Scripture.”

-It has been over a month and I feel my feet settling under me some.  It is more than good to be here.  A supply of sermons (via YouTube, links on the From the Minister page) is available from recently completed worship series.  Audio files can be had upon request.
Rev. David S. Kays