The world seems to have turned upside down since March 15, 2020.  During this extended sabbath [this tomb and wilderness experience] we have been invited, forced even, to consider things that were too easily avoided while we took care of 'normal' life.
Into this anxious space the Spirit of God has moved.  We might not always be aware, fully aware of God with us, but there are moments and glimmers.
We continue in prayer, in action, in worship, in service as we seek to wrestle with God and our lesser angels.  If this congregation that Love is Building can be with you in the journey, that will be a blessing to all.


Sermons are an extension of the season and they, hopefully, capture the fullness and complexity of this time. They are more than words pondered and written. The sermon occurs when the things within are voiced, when Spirit animates flesh, and the breath of God is shared. Here are some links to sermons from the recently completed worship series Chaordic Wilderness.  This phrase refers to that space where Chaos and Order overlap.  It is a disquieting space and it is also a place where God is already present and we are, perhaps, the most open to God with Us.  I would not have guessed things would unfold the way they have as we continue with physical, emotional, and spiritual concerns.

Week 1 Diaspora Worship Sermon

Week 2 Diaspora Worship Sermon

Week 3 Diaspora Worship Sermon

Week 4 Diaspora Worship Sermon

Week 5 Diaspora Worship Sermon

Week 6 Diaspora Worship Sermon

Here is a document that was assembled a few years ago.  It could use some editing, but it might be helpful as you explore scripture.  If you have questions or want to explore the bible in a community setting please reach out.

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