It is interesting to consider the things that shape the schedules and flow of life together.  September brings about a new school year (if not already begun in Aug.), the relaunching of Sunday School and the return to our 'traditional' Sunday schedule, as well as a new cycle in the Narrative Lectionary.

It is a time of shifting routines and re-acquaintance with what was.  Periods of change are periods of renewal and opportunities to explore, question, wrestle, and perhaps receive reminders of what we already knew.

Here's to being together in this time, in this place, on this journey.


Sermons are an extension of the season and they, hopefully, capture the fullness and complexity of this time. They are more than words pondered and written. The sermon occurs when the things within are voiced, when Spirit animates flesh, and the breath of God is shared. Here are some links to sermons from the recently completed worship series David's Legacy.

Week 1 840am; 11am

Week 2 840am; 11am

Week 3 840am; 11am

Week 4 840am11am

Here is a document that was assembled a few years ago.  It could use some editing, but it might be helpful as you explore scripture.  If you have questions or want to explore the bible in a community setting please reach out.

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